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Professor Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad was a renowned scholar of organization and management. He was an entrepreneur, educationist, writer, researcher, influencer, policymaker, and a social reformer. He was the founding Rector of the University of Management and Technology, Pakistan functioning under ILM Trust. A management scholar by training, Professor Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad has provided various national and international organizations, government institutions with guidelines and management consultancy to grow up more professionally and respond to emerging challenges in academia, economy, media, political geography, and social structure. He has played a pivotal role in organizing a joint platform of all business schools in Pakistan as founding chairman of Association of Management Development Institutions of Pakistan (AMDIP) from 2002 to 2006. Dr Hasan was a man of Vision, Innovation, Communication, and Inspiration. Dr Murad’s efforts for cultivating and promoting business education in Pakistan have been widely appreciated by the business organizations, industry, and the Government of Pakistan as well. The educational, administrative, professional credentials and diversified experience of Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad ideally place him in a global leadership position in any inter-governmental and inter-organizational environment. The inspiring and visionary leadership that he has offered in several entrepreneurial ventures is a convincing evidence for his impeccable capacity to rise to new horizons with lasting innovations.
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